Apr 5, 2006

On Internet life

Photo sites, Blog sites, Webmail it's all getting pretty good, but the bit that is missing for me is still a Calendar. I thought the Google Calendar would finally do the trick. And maybe it will but not quite yet, it's still a manual import export, and there is not pubic HTML view. I know I could write my own to parse the XML feed, but I'm sure someone else will do a nice job of that soon. So still waiting for auto sync with my PDA (or other offline viewer/editor), Color coded events, and public HTML view.

Is everything in the world too much to ask ;)

(well google added public html view, but it's still a bit lacking, My employer swiched to Zimbra which is a great tool with a calendar to rival Google's, but I'm still not 100% satisfied with anything I've found so far.)

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