May 23, 2007

What to say about Bertram

He eats, he sleeps, he is just starting to get to really playing. He's really cute, and it's nice to have him sleep on you chest. Sometimes he is inconsolable, but you just keep trying until you find out what is wrong. Or if it's gas or a cold then you just console him as much as you can. He likes to dance, he likes to be sung or hummed to, he likes to eat. He puts up with kisses from daddy's prickly face. He has gained 1.5 lbs in the last two weeks so He's 9lbs 11oz. Still easy to hold in one hand. I think he is a nice easy baby, he sleeps 3hrs at a time about twice a day. Mama who is trapped on the couch feeding does not find it quite as easy. Particularly at week 2 when he decided to eat every 20 minutes all day, and put on that extra weight. I just started back at work on Monday, and the 3+1/2 weeks with Bert were great, I could just keep doing that forever. So maybe it will get harder now? Right now at 4 weeks old he has a cold, and needs to have his nose cleaned out a few times a day just to be able to eat. :( Boy does he love that ) : We go out to the park and for brunch or dinner as often as we can manage. He is getting used to the outside world. But it all changes so fast that there's no point in Moma and Daddy getting to used to anything.

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