Jun 27, 2007

Just how big is that baby.

Here is Bertram visiting the Jahn Oberle twins Milo and Lola about a week and a half ago. Boy is he Big. But really even though his is only 2 months old, he's got 3 months growing time on them, since as twins they came a month early.

Mama Rachel and I thought Bertram was getting to be a very big boy, he's grown out of all the 0-3 clothes and is in 3-6. But at his 2 month checkup yesterday he was "only" 12lbs 4 oz.
And that is plenty big, but really kind of average too right in the 50-60 percentile range.
But average babys are just right :) and he's cute and chubby just like you want them.

The only bad news was for Bertram who had to have a shot and oral immunization, which meant a really uncomfortable afternoon for Bertram, which daddy missed while he was at work. I think I'll make sure to stick around to help sooth next time. But by last night and this mornign he was his smiley self. Maybe even more smiley than usual.

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