Jul 8, 2008

Bert's first, or maybe 20th steps.

I know everyone has been eagerly awaiting Bertram's first steps. Well maybe Mom and Dad are a bit neutral, on the one hand not watching out for dirty or bruised knees is a plus; as is being able to put Mr. Danger down for a moment in a restaurant. However keeping up with a toddling boy sounds like a lot of work. None the less Mr. Danger is on his way. Over the 4th of July weekend away visiting grandma and great grandma, (and aunts and cousins a well) Bert managed a few steps on his own. I think he's tried a few steps before, but not with much success, so maybe those were his first steps. He's not walking on his own yet of course, but yesterday, and today he did manage to take a few steps and not topple over. Or sit-fall as he tends to do very gracefully. In fact those steps often look like it's a lot of work:
  • Take one little step
  • deep knee bend squat to gain/maintain balance
  • lift back to standing
  • one little step
  • repeat
But he has lots of energy to practice with, also this weekend Bertram did a Marathon walk when we went to the park with cousins Frank and Luke. We walked from the edge of the outfield to home base and back. Frank and Luke had a race of the same distance, but Bertram and I just tagged along with the challenge to finish, not to win. I have to say I was very impressed and surprised by his determination to go all the way, I though for sure we would give upon hte way back. Unfortunatly we were bad parents and didn't take any pictures, but it was because there were plenty of other cameras out. Now I'm not sure how to get those photos, but I'll see what I can do.

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