Oct 10, 2008

Walking in NYC its what we are about. (sometimes)

It's a funny thing a few weeks ago I was trying to post to my blog from my phone about the urban / technology ennui I felt. And somehow I just could not get that post to go up to the site, it's like the technology didn't like what I had to say. But this week I've been noticing a more positive aspect of my environment. Not quite a ray of sunshine I guess if I think about it. I suppose it's more like a very interesting little desk lamp. Basically I have noticed that I prefer to walk to the subway stop just slightly further from my home or office than the closest. I'm not sure it's not just the longer walk, or just the environment. Some combination I guess. At work it's not that much of a distance difference. The stops on the N/W train are at 23rd and 28th st; and my office is at 26th st. But the walk down is through crowded sidewalks of wholesale hawkers. The walk up is through the area around Madison sq park that has just recently tried to clear up the traffic concision of Broadway, 5th ave, and 23rd st all crossing, by taking over a lot of what used to be roadway and coating it with a light tan sandy pebble surface and making it a paved extension of the park area. It's really quite nice, good work by whomever designed that. I hope it stays nice. In Sunnyside I go from 45th to 40th instead of 46th. When I drop off my son at the stitter I'm acutaly on 46th already. But it's just nicer to have a walk rather than hurry directly to the subway.

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