Apr 20, 2009

Did I say daily?

Well, it's not unbelievably exhausting as one is lead to expect, but I'm just enough under slept that I have not managed to get any daily updates posted. Or any of the videos posted at all either. So more pics soon, though even the photos have been a bit slow. But now for the report. Vivian is doing great, and still spends all her time sleeping. Rachel is still in pain and wishes she could sleep more comfortably. Bertram thinks Vivian is fine for now. Vivian saw the doctor and looks great, and has started eating more and gaining weight, she got down to 7lbs 12oz at the end of he hospital stay. Unfortunately her eating is painful for Rachel, apparently to a bit of "tongue tie". We have a little baby swing set up in the play room, and that's the best place to put Vivian for Bert interaction, becasue she is down low enough to be visible, and reachable. Anyway the couple of days Bertram has gone over and told her "I love you Vivian" and given her kisses which is very sweet. He also really wants to push the swing, but much harder than it ought to be pushed. Bertram has been getting lots of attention for the last few days and I hope he is over his worries about his parents leaving for 3 days last week. Though he got to see us every day at the hospital we didn't come home with him, and he has been very concerned to make sure that Daddy comes with him any time he leaves the house, and I'm not sure I can / should leave without him myself any time soon. However he has been beating himself up a lot, he fell off his high chair, fell out of his "big boy bed" and has just been walking into things and hitting himself with cabinet doors etc. No bruises yet, but it's hard on him, he's also been teething something fierce it seems and pretty clingy and whiny at his low points of the day. For the past few weeks counting has been all the rage with Bertram, but that's cooling off, and now he's using 3,4,5 word sentences pretty regularly, and having fun with long words which he just loves right now. Pig-el-let, Decoration come to mind as ones he found quite fun. Singing has also become common for him over the past few weeks, as has jumping. He just jumps and jumps. So he's seems to be doing just swell regardless of his parents preoccupation with baby girl.

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