May 5, 2009

WPA 2.0

I've been out of the stream at the office for a few weeks with a new baby girl, but while I was out one of the projects we are involved in has exploded into a potently really interesting ... thing. WPA 2.0 / WPA 2.0 community On the one hand it's a mashup of our interest in media archives, with social networking, social activism, and media creation. Anyway it sound great to me, but that's just my interest in the work, not the content, which is as always the core of a good idea. The idea in a very very small nutshell, is to document this point in time, from the perspective of the economic stimulus package. And who's not got the economy on their mind at least part of the time right now. Even with a new baby (and hey partly because of her) it's been on my mind. From an arts community perspective, hard time bring really interesting effects. Those effects might be part of a recovery project, or the effect might just be the documentation of the recovery projects. Or it might (more likely) will be something completely unexpected. The real interest and power is the energy and excitement that continues to build around the idea. anyway, for the bigger nutshell, and the real nut meats, hit

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