Jul 7, 2009

Customer Service, Observer thyself.

Maybe not blog worthy since I'm sure it happens to you every day, but I'm blogging it anyway. Today I went to get a lunch at the "Spanish American Restaurant" (that's really it's name not just a description), and since I almost always get lunch late they were (as always) out of black beans and yellow rice. Now it occurs to me, that perhaps since they run out of black beans and yellow rice at about 1pm every day that they should ... make more each day. Now if beans and rice cost a lot (so that any waste was a big loss), or if they only ran out half the time then maybe I could see there being some reason *not* to make more. But since that is not the case I conclude that it is simply that they can not fathom the idea of making a different amount of white, yellow, and brown rice, and equal amounts of black, brown, and red beans; people should/must like them all equally right? This happens every day, and yet nothing changes. I suppose that it is not as bad as yesterday when dunken doughnuts was "out of iced coffee", though they did still have coffee and ice. Or the drug store in Hawaii where a friend who needed boot laces and was told, oh we stopped carrying them, they sell too quickly we just could not keep them on the shelf. Or the local key food, where they order equal amounts of all Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors, and do not re-order until all Ben and Jerry's ice cream is sold. Note that cherry garcia, and heath bar sell out in 1-2 weeks (as noted by myself, other flavors might go as quickly or even faster?) However the last 5 pints pistachio, and funky monkey sit on the shelf for another 4 weeks. But for some reason it seems un-fathomable to order more of certain flavors, or to re-order thous flavors when they run out. One wonders how these businesses compete with those run by employees who are able to think. And now it's time for me to think about what equivalent mistake I might be making each day/week/month.

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