Sep 21, 2009

Wow airplanes from the outside, and tired boys.

IMAGE_00084, originally uploaded by hal(var).

Final minutes of Bertram an My adventure to Louisville.
This is little Bert out on the tarmac waiting for our bag, he was pretty excited by the airplanes and trucks.
He seemed a lot less tired in person, jabbering about airplanes and trucks, but I did have to get him up at 5:30am for the trip. You can see here just how super tired he was too. We are almost home and he crashed in the cab and was out for 5 hours. But the whole flight he was bouncing boy, and I just managed to snap these shots with my phone while holding on to his arm so he would not go bolting off to see the trucks.

I though I got one with more airplane for Bert to look at, but these should be plenty entertaining. Even though he was ready to drop dead asleep he also seemed ready to take off running on the tarmac, so I didn't want to let go of his arm or I might have been able to get a better shot. (The "camera" was in the bag we were waiting for though)

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