Oct 13, 2009

Box of babies.

010, originally uploaded by hal(var).

Toddler and baby actually. 6 month old Vivian and 2 1/2 Bertram.
Our fridge stopped working so for a couple of days we only had a freezer, but now we have a brand new fridge.
Kind of irrelevant to the photo but I emptied out this bin to put all our food in while they swapped out the refrigerators, but an empty box can't go un-played with.
Mostly my Mr Danger, but Vivian was glad to join too, she loves to do anything Bertram does. And for Bertram's part that's swell too, I know he can't wait until she can really play with him more.

Of course I could not get a photo where both of them were looking at the camera at the same time.

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