Nov 20, 2009

Size comparison

046, originally uploaded by hal(var).

Bertram's not allowed in the crib, but I they were having a grand time. Bertram is always looking for ways to play with Vivian, he can't wait until she gets more interactive. Little does he know that havoc that will cause.

Bert is just about exactly twice her weight for the moment. And boy does he feel it. I can for the moment still carry both of them for a short distance.

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haleagar said...

So this photo and note are a bit old, Vivian just got weight at the doctor's and is 20lbs 12.5 oz
and Mr Bert and I just got on the scale for fun this evening, and he is ~33lbs.
So he's not twice her weight anymore, nor is he growing so fast, seems like he's been at ~31-33lbs for a while. But actually he is getting taller, and his feet have certainly grown, but staying at the same weight so I guess he's stretching out, and Vivian is still plumping up.