Dec 18, 2010

First time with santa

First time with santa, originally uploaded by hal(var).

I Took Bert to see Nutcracker, and Santa after the show. It was a quaintly mediocre performance perfect for a 3 year old, who while he could not stay it his seat, did not want to leave and enjoyed the show (the mice in particular.) However his favorite part was dancing and poping with the guy in the hall on the long line to Santa, he learned some new moves. Though I'm not sure I'm going to be able to re-enforce them though.

I really had not prepped him for Santa, it was an "after the ballet" extra and I spent all my energy prepping him for the Nutcracker itself.

It was Bertram's first time to meat Santa: Luckily the girl right before us was very happy to be sitting in Santa's lap, and Bert got to see that she got a present, up to that point he was not at all into the idea of visiting Santa. Well he had seemed into it until we were up to the end of the line. I'm not sure what it was he though we were waiting in line for an hour for exactly; considering that he had no interest or intention of saying hi to Santa when we arrived? Though it would not have been that long a wait in line if he had not been SO into break-dancing.

All the children were given a bear which Bertram was kind enough to let Vivian confiscate when he arrived home.

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