Jun 5, 2005

Media Beam

I've been using this great thing called MediaBeam in most of the theatrical projects I'm working on lately, It's more a concept than a product, I've got a couple of different working versions with different features. If you've got a project that you think could benefit from the Media Beam then contact me. The basic features are a Projector, and a Robotic Mirror (DMX controlled) which allows me to move the projection around the space and project on multiple screens and objects with one projector. The system I am using is made up of a Projector $2000, a PC with a good Graphics card $1000, a DMX mirror $300-$800 and a DMX interface $400. So for about $4000 I have a system that works like a $50,000 commercial product, which makes it very accessible to small theatres.

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