Aug 25, 2008

Flash programing

This may seem pretty off topic, and it is, but it's one of the few projects I've worked on that you can just look at on the web. Most of my work is either integrated into a installations or a theatre show both of which are tied up in physical locations. And a lot of the other corperate work for hire I do is often ranks somewhere between "non public" and "super secret". So it's nice to be able to link to a finished product. It's a bouncy flash website, that I did the programing and animation for. Here was my chance to build a flash website, in what I hope is the "right way", since I'm often frustrated by flash websites myself. All the text is pulled from a couple of XHTML files, which makes a single point to update the text and also makes the content accessible to search engines and non-flash browsers. And all the relevant text is selectable so you can copy and paste the e-mail or street addresses should you care to. I also added in support for Google Analytics which was super easy to implement, because I used a centralized state controller so that you can go from any page to any other page with a smooth animation. I did not implement a Bookmarking workaround, because it's such a small site and all the links are easy and obvious to get to. There's no need to bookmark into a deep page on this site.

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