Aug 26, 2008

Those are Dangerous Words

So I've been keeping a list of words that Bertram has learned to say or sign. It's funny when people ask if he has learned any words. Because he has known many many words for a long time, he understands them just fine. The question is has he learned to "say" any words. Which of course he has, lots and lots. It started out slow, and a new word would appear and then disappear for a few weeks, which made me wonder. But then it would creep back in, and there are weeks when I hear a new word every day from Bert, which sounds like an exaggeration even to me. But keeping the list it really is true, even on the "slow" weeks there are probably at least 2 or 3 new words. I've noted down a little about each word, and each is probably worth a sentence or two about why he likes that word, and a list of 60 works is not that interesting so I'm going to start transferring my list here and maybe try to fill out some of those remarks. I doubt that it's particularly interesting to the world in general, but Grandparents and Great-Grandparents may want to know. The list is 62 words right now, and I think I'll do them a few at a time so it's bound to be longer by the end. But I'll start with a few of the newest. nany nany: clearly baby talk this is nap in Romanian, and he learned this at the sitters. So I don't know much of the story other than to say that Bertram hates to nap or to sleep at all. He's wobbling between the two short naps he used to take and just one nap. Unfortunalty the one nap is not long enough for him and he ends up with big bags under his eyes, and pretty upset at bedtime. He was taking one nap at 10 or 11 ish in the morning and 3 or 4 ish in the evening. Though I hear he would take one long nap at the sitters instead often. Now he just skips one of those no matter what we do, but those are still the times when he gets tired. hair: this is another one I don't know how he learned, but the sitter suggested that he knew it, and yup he does. Maybe one of the other kids really likes hair, or maybe one is a grabber? Bert happily does not pull our hair. bean: Bertram has loved to eat black beans for a long time, but it was Mommy getting him some dried Lima beans to play with that got him to say it. She read about using them for practicing spooning, which he really does need to practice, but giving him food that needs spooning is asking for a big mess, so we are on mostly finger foods now days. mine: oh well, I guess he learned that from the 2 year old's at the sitter's for sure. We like to hope that's where he learned No as well. I haven't heard it that much yet, but he did say mine and play keep away with a toy when he was visiting his friend Charlie last weekend. On the up side it was the first time that they really played together, they are both walking and chased each other around Josh and Jessica's new apartment. bang: I thought he was trying to say bean which he pronounces 'bien' but it turns out he was saying bang, which is what we say he is doing when he hits the measuring cup on the floor. Its great to get more verbs into his vocabulary, they are a lot more tricky. He does pronounce it a bit Biang. the 'B' sound just seems to want an short i sound after it according to Bertram. beep: He also mimics us saying beep, I do tend to say "beep" though had not felt like I was doing it that much. But Bert sure has plenty of toys that beep. Though far less than a lot of friends, we do tend to hide them away so they get less use, and he seems to prefer things like balls, the beans, straws, and bits of paper now days. Not that he shuns his bright colored toys, but he wants the kind of stuff the adults have. whale: Mr. Danger was incredulous that the photos in the animal book and the plastic squirt bath toy whale were the same thing, but believes it now, or at least uses the same word for them both. Grandma Tricia bought him the bath squirt toys for his birthday when she was visiting, and he has loved to get squirted with them for a long time, but he has only managed to start squirting himself with them a couple of weeks ago. He was so excited to figure it out that he just screamed and bounced the whole bath. He kept squirting himself in the face, eyes, mouth: which would have made him quite mad if I did it. However it seems to be the preferred thing to do with the whale now that he can make it squirt. one more for today, and it's not a new one. shoes: Bert both signs and says shoes. He has been signing it for well over a month I don't recall, and saying it for quite a while as well, but I'll include it in this batch because Bertram just got some new shoes. They are his first "real" shoes, stiff leather things with soles. They should do for the fall, he's been wearing some transitional sandals all summer. But the sandals with leather souls are a bit slippery, and can be a problem at the park, and his feet just barely fit in them. So when we were visiting Charlie this weekend we stopped by the highly recommended Buster Brown store in Forest Hills to get his feet measured and fit for fall shoes. Bert really loves his new shoes, and is very happy to say shoe shoe shoe for you.

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