Aug 29, 2008

He inexplicably mimicked me hiccuping

Well, not really hiccuping but Bertram has become an expert at mimicking, he still pronounces his works in that hard to distinguish baby way which means only mom and dad and a few other trained ears can make out a lot of what he is saying. I's say about half of his words are pronounced well enough for the general public, and half fall into the mushy area. However today at the Pharmacy while waiting for a prescription I took Bertram out of the stroller to run around, and he was patting on one of the waiting chairs and just blabbing nothing. (or at least nothing I could distinguish, something like ba be ba sush sush) Then another nice couple comes up, to wait in line, and Bertram is giving him his big making friends smile that everyone gets, and they ask if he is saying chair? To which I say no he doesn't say chair yet, but maybe Blue (which he says, and the chair is blue). I give Bert the prompting look, and I say "blue", he thinks about it and says ... "chair". Now I don't think, or at least I'm not sure he knows what chair means just yet. He is a good mimic and if you say something 10 times he's likely to give that word a try too. (depending on his mood) Which is why before I add a word to my list I wait until he provides it at the appropriate time without prompting. Such as when looking at an ABC book I point out the 'A', 'B', and 'C' on the cover, and he points to the 'A' as well and says "A". That's great but I don't expect him to really know 'A' just yet. But the next time when I point to 'A' and he says "AAAY" and hops of my lap to go get another alphabet book and show me it also has an 'A' on the cover, then clearly he really does have it down. It's only the letter 'A', and only caps. 'C' is generally identified as "Ball" or "D", and 'B' holds no interest whatsoever. So let's see which of Bertrams words have we covered. "A": maybe not a word, but it's on my list Ball: a very early word for him, and a mega favorite. It's one of the few he started saying, and now he signs it too. Blue: quite recent, and only very clearly identifies blue in one animal book, which has a color page. But he's identified it correctly in other circumstances. He also reminded me today to include a few of his other favorites. Baby: which he signs and says, and he loves his baby doll, on which he can point out the nose and eyes. (maybe ears) Nose: a very early word for him, which he also identifies on himself, and us by grabbing hold of quite painfully Eyes: which luckily he does not poke to indicate. Socks: which often get's confused with shoes, but we work it out. He insisted on putting on socks today, (we were putting away the laundry) but it was just to hot, so I only let him wear them for a few minutes. Ding: another brand new one, he's got a lot of much more practical ones, but this week seems to be about the onomatopoeia's. Today when the toaster bell went off in the kitchen from Mommy making some toast, Bertram and I were in his room and he took off like flash yelling "Ding" to go tell mom in the kitchen that something went "ding". He also brought up various Ding's several times today. I think were were some other new words today, but I can't keep track and I've probably fallen hopelessly behind in my list. But he can remind me about them all weekend.

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