Oct 16, 2008


http://add-art.org/ This is simply the best browser plug-in I have ever seen. And one of the best "mash up's" too. Add blockers themselves have never interested me, I'm fairly good at not seeing adds, and maybe I want them to tell me what I should be interested in on some subconscious level. But to put something that I really want to see there, now that is cool. I notice add areas much more now, and I'm often surprised. "why in the world would they put that there" ... oh right "they" didn't Steve Lambert Eyebeam and Rhizome did. I look forward to future curated selections. I might think it would be cool to click on the art and find out more, but I don't think it should be done, then it really would be like trading one add for another, but I do like to have a site where I could get the credits for the art shown. Get it, love it.

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