Nov 6, 2008

A Anagram Bred Regret

But I hope that this one does not. So we are thinking about names for our next child due in April exactly 2 years after Bertram. We don't know the sex yet, still waiting one more month until the anatomy scan, but based on the ultra sounds so far (today's in particular) she's likely to be a she. Anyway no names yet, but I was thinking that it needs to be a name with some good anagram possibilities. I ran through a bunch of anagram options for Bertram Danger Eagar when we were working on his name. "A Anagram Bred Regret" is my favorite. Other good options include:
  • Greater Man Dare Brag
  • Am Greater, Bar Danger
  • Grab An Greater Dream
  • Great Arm Earned Brag
But there are lots of options that make more or less sense. I did like Ready as a middle name, and while it's still available it does not go with many girls names well, so it's not a likely option this time either. I hope Bertram enjoys his name and it brings him no other regret than a silly anagram option. Danger is my middle name will probably get old a a joke for him, but I'm sure it will come in handy at least once or twice.

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Harry Eagar said...

I like the idea of a Hawaiian name.

Kolohe or Pilikia, or perhaps Kolohe Pilikia for a little girl.