Dec 6, 2008

There is Joy in Repetition

Or so says Prince, and clearly toddlers agree. I was just thinking about this love or repetition, which Bertram clearly shares. He loves his sign language video even though he has seen it numerous times, and now he know what part comes next. It occurs to me that it's probably enjoyable because repetition confirms their understanding of the world. And when you are just starting out that is your prime objective, to figure out the world enough that you can predict what would happen next. We model the universe (as we understand it)so that we can predict what will happen as a result of your actions. So something like a video, or the Animatronic singing snowmen that we borrowed from Milo and Lola, is that they are predictable. Safe and reassuring that you can depend on things to go the way you expect sometimes. And I imagine that for a toddler that is a feeling you don't get often enough in the confusing world. No conclusion to tack onto this, just an observation.

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