Oct 8, 2008

DPI residents for 2009

DPI Artist Residency Program : 2008-2009 Residents. Digital Performance Institute is an Arts Service organization serving experimental Media and Technology Artists. DPI has just announced their 2009 resident artists and projects. It's a pretty interesting mix of projects that hits on most of my artistic interests including: New Media Theatre: Ruth Sergel - Alchemy of Light Robotics and Art/Theatre: Jennifer Tsuei - The Mahler + Machine Project Physical Interfaces and Performing with a Computer: Michael Chladil - rope&pulley Experimental use of Media in Performance: John Kelly - ‘cara viaggio’ While the context of DPI is always Arts & Technology, the criteria used to select residency projects is always experimentation and risk. Artists and projects that can move forward the whole field and genre of technology and arts by doing things we may never have though of. It really ties in tightly with the Innovation focus that that we have been developing at Learning Worlds, the partner commercial organization of DPI.

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