Oct 1, 2008

osX and Sugar complaints, I'm a whiner today.

I made a DVD of some work samples for a friend of mine, and they asked how to make a copy. They have a MacBook so I figured it should be pretty easy, though not having a mac I don't know the process. [....] OK a google search turned up these instructions http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/making_dvd_copies.html or if you don't like those these http://www.gbradhopkins.com/archives/2004/09/duplicate_dvds.html But I have to say WTF apple that is a pain in the neck! How about a button somewhere that sais. "Copy Disk" ... "please insert source [DVD|CD]" .... "please insert blank [DVD|CD]" I mean this is version 10.5 right, and they charge $130 for each upgrade, and have had five major upgrades to add this feature. I thought that it was supposed to be "Intuitive", though I never believed it. If you are in a stage of life where you are exploratory then you "intuition" says just try everything and learn, and heck even the OLPC "sugar" is probably intuitive enough for you. If you are not exploratory, forget it no matter what OS you are using, you want a "single use computer" like the lowest end cell phone. Or the Presto Internet Printer, or a DVD player. By the way I think OLPC's Sugar is a huge mess, and a bad idea. Hey I know lets give computers to third world children ... But hey lets give it a freaky interface which will keep them ghettoized to our system so they don't get into that evil Windows / Mac world. And hey lets try and lobotomize the web browser to keep them away from commercial websites. That way when they find themselves at an internet cafe, or applying for a job they will be totally unprepared. I know that's probably and unfair assessment, the Nintendo/X-Box/PlayStation all have custom interfaces and kids learn to use them. And learning how to learn interfaces is a skill in itself, and throughout life we need to learn new interfaces constantly, for the car, phone etc. Also the "window manager" / "desktop" standard User interface is not necessarily the best. So the idea that you should throw it out and start from scratch is commendable, if a bit grandiose. But the idea that you should make is so different that there is little way to shift from one interface to another is just sadistic. I guess us geeks learned on a CLI via our Vic 20's C64's and (in my case) TI994A's which were far far from Windows and we made the transition. But that just brings up the question, where did those millions of C64's go and why not just ship them to the children of the world, surely they are less than $100 each. (though with the use of a CRT TV they are not all the power efficient.) Blah blah, there it is, some whining from hal.

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