Mar 5, 2007

RSS? is it really syndication?

I've only recently gotten into writing my own posts for blogs, but I'm surprised and a little disappointed in RSS. Not really disappointed in the feeds, just disappointed in the ways in which I can syndicate content. I imagined that I could post to my work blog and my theatre blog, and them somehow have my personal blog subscribe the the RSS feeds on those with a search for author. Then I'd have a nice syndicated mix. However there seem to be very few tools that really allow that, and the ones there are are not efficient or easy to use as far as I can tell. I'm starting to get there by including the Digital Performance feed below, and by including the feeds in my homepage. But I'm still looking for a lot more control, and I suppose as a Web Developer I ought to get in there and create it myself, but the drive for this feature is not quite strong enough in myself, so I'll just take what I get, which is more than I've ever had before right ;)

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